What Exactly Is a Concert Promoter?

The work of concert promoters are not easy in any way. In the midst of a three-ring circus, they are responsible for wrangling the cats. It sounds like a very glamorous and exciting experience to produce a wonderful event by bringing together exciting artists and hot venues. It is. Concert promoters have a lot of work to accomplish because they have hundreds of duties to do, thousands of details to attend to, and a lot of egos to deal with. However, it is a very rewarding job.

The concert promoter is responsible for every aspect of the event, from coordinating transportation, to ensuring that tickets are sold, to ensuring that the stage and equipment are properly set up. They are also responsible for connecting the appropriate act with the appropriate venue and negotiating a financially viable event contract. Those individuals who struggle to maintain attention to detail are not suited for the profession of concert producer.

In addition to all of the duties associated with project management and marketing, it is the job of the concert promoter to create a budget and be steadfast in their adherence to it. Contract talks take on a great deal of significance at this point, particularly in light of the fact that certain artists may make some very outlandish demands. You, as the concert producer, want to put on an event that generates a lot of hype and at which everyone has a fantastic time. However, it is also your responsibility to ensure that everyone, including yourself, has profited from the event in some way. If you are not on top of what is being spent on what, it is easy to lose money when preparing, promoting, and putting on a concert because of all the complexities and minutiae that go into these processes. Therefore, the concert promoter is also responsible for managing the business.

Making ensuring the artist (or artists) are taken care of is the most important part of anything. This does not simply mean providing the musician’s preferred brand of bottled water to be stocked in the green room. It involves ensuring that the venue is prepared to offer the appropriate atmosphere for the type of performance that is being given. It implies advertising and promoting the event to the appropriate audience in order to ensure that there is a large number of enthusiastic attendees. You should never forget the days when you performed in front of a live audience, whether it was at a school recital or at a night club in your town. Even for the most seasoned and accomplished artists, performing in front of a live audience can be an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience. Take good care of the talented individuals.

Reading, writing, and rithmatic are often referred to as the “Three R’s.”

To be successful in concert promotion, you need to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of teaching.

Reading is an important skill for concert producers to have. Learn more about the business of music, marketing, and business in general. Reading, regardless of subject matter, is a talent that must be mastered before moving on to the next skill.

Writing is an essential part of the job description for concert promoters. A significant portion of the work entails the creation of copy for promotional materials, such as press releases, media kits, and content for social media. Even while attending college is not required to begin a career as a concert promoter, it is highly recommended that you take some classes in writing and communications. You won’t be able to do any promotion if you can’t use your writing to convince people to attend the events you’re hosting.

Mathematically speaking, those budget issues are not going to fix themselves. Contract promoters have the responsibility of running numbers, analyzing costs, and determining whether or not there is a suitable profit estimate based on the parameters that are being negotiated for the contract. You don’t have to perform the computations in your brain at all. The calculations can be done for you by any decent spreadsheet tool. You only need to get good at utilizing them to run figures and budgets, and then you can sit back and let the application do all of the hard work for you.

A few more valuable, practical skills:

Gain knowledge about graphic design and how to operate image editing software such as Photoshop. You won’t only be writing promotional materials while you’re getting started; most likely, you’ll also be responsible for creating the graphics for those pieces.

Gain some expertise in the technical aspects of the process of setting up and taking down events, instruments, DJ booths, and everything else connected to the staging of a concert.

Getting started

There is no requirement for a college degree or a specific path to follow in order to enter this field, as is the case with a large number of occupations associated to music. Gaining hands-on experience in any of the skills or responsibilities that are expected of a concert promoter is extremely beneficial due to the fact that so much of the job must be learnt on the job.

One possible starting point is to seek out an internship with a concert promoter, artist manager, venue manager, or booking manager. To be a desirable candidate for an internship, you will obviously need to already have some level of professional experience under your belt. Because writing promotional copy is such a significant aspect of the job, you should immediately begin searching for blogs and websites on which you may post some of your writing in order to improve your talents and construct a portfolio. Build up your own social media presence as someone who is always up to date on the best upcoming musical events.

Establishing connections with other students or peers who are musicians or performers will allow you to begin your education and to obtain valuable experience working with those who do not have the financial means to pay for the services of professional event promoters.

Check out some of the typical interview questions asked of concert promoters if you want to improve your chances of landing an internship or a job at an entry level with an event promotion company. They will give you a decent understanding of what these organizations are looking for in candidates, which will help you decide whether or not to apply.

Manage your expectations

Everyone who has an Instagram account and even the remotest interest in identifying themselves as a “concert promoter” is currently working hard to make a name for themselves in the industry. If you are serious about being a successful concert organizer, you need to be willing to exercise some patience. That means beginning with activities and locations that are on the more modest side. It also entails looking for more ways to bring in cash, in addition to any concert promotion work that may be done. Your previous profession, ideally, is helping you acquire the kinds of skills and contacts that will be valuable in concert promoting, and this is something you should strive for.

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