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With the help of our international festival bucket list for 2022, you may learn about some of the world’s most famous and acclaimed celebrations.

We are not going to spend an excessive amount of time bemoaning the past several years because more than enough paper has already been squandered on such musings. Instead of that, let’s go through our closets and start preparing an unforgettable year of events that span the country from north to south and east to west. The top music festivals in the world satisfy every criterion, each category of music, every type of performance style, and every wish. Will you be able to go to each and every one of these forty locations? Most likely not, therefore proceed with going down our list in order and make your decisions once you’ve done so. After all, you can’t make a mistake by choosing any of them.

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid talking about the past two years. As a direct consequence of the epidemic, a great number of spectacular festivals have been cancelled entirely, while a great many more have been postponed indefinitely. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the most recent news because there is always the possibility that these events may be delayed or canceled altogether. We have high hopes that some of the traditional festivals will be back in 2023, but in the meantime, these incredible events will more than satisfy our needs.

The best musical gatherings held in the UK

Field Day in London, United Kingdom

Festival nirvana for those attendees who would rather listen to vinyl than stream music on Spotify (obviously)

Even after all these years, Field Day is still way cooler than a cucumber with a hipster beard and a tattoo that’s ironic. After filling your tummy with the newest vegan food in the laid-back Village Green area, it is a perfect location to get day-drunk on craft beer at this establishment because the atmosphere is so mellow. But Field Day also has significant muso cred; the playlist is meticulously crafted to include cutting-edge guitar music, shoegaze, alternative R&B, clever rap, revered DJs, and anything else that is fashionable at the moment. In addition to this, it is home to the Barn, a state-of-the-art hangar that features a truly spectacular lighting system and is considered to be one of the top stages on the UK festival circuit.

Glastonbury Somerset, UK

Heaven on earth for hippies in their golden years, middle managers who work in the public sector, and socialists from the old school

When it isn’t having a “fallow year” to give residents a respite, the “Big Daddy” of UK festivals takes over a portion of Somerset every July for music, mayhem, hippies, healing, and a whole lot of cider. It is difficult to express just how massive Glasto is, as there are whole worlds of activity taking place outside the arena in addition to an amazing musical line-up that includes everything from pop to reggae to rock to dubstep to metal to folk to techno. Everywhere you look, there is life to be found, and this is especially true if you happen to stumble across some of the more anarchic cabaret tents and stages that are strewn over the fields and woodlands away from the crowds that are gathered around the Pyramid stage. And in terms of sheer scope, Glastonbury continues to be unrivaled as a pilgrimage for hedonists of every stripe since it is the place where all of the ley lines of British pop culture intersect. typically, by the fourth day, becomes a massive, mucky mess that has spread across the floor.

The Green Man, located in the Brecon Beacons in Wales

Heaven on festival grounds for: readers of the Guardian

Green Man is as charming as a button despite having more than half a century’s worth of experience behind it. It features 99 different beers and ciders in its very own beer festival, eight bars that sell all of your favorite drinks, and some wonderful freshly prepared food sourced from all corners of the globe. In terms of music, it is the wet dream of middle-aged readers of the Guardian (Kraftwerk, Metronomy, Kate Tempest, that sort of thing).

Suffolk, UK

Heaven on earth for festivalgoers who just want to have fun with their families and those in their 30s who are still into the atmosphere.

This festival in Suffolk features a lineup of experimental pop and alternative rock performers playing in an adorable setting, making it the ideal destination for a hip but relaxed weekend getaway. It is a very kid- and family-friendly event, and the music programming is skillfully mingled with other forms of performance such as comedy, poetry, spoken word, dance, and theater. You can wash it all down with some delicious local brew, and DJs are concealed in the woods so that the party may go on late into the night. The area is known for its colorful sheep, who wander the fields nearby. We’ll raise a glass to it. The only drawback is that it is extremely difficult to reach via any mode of transportation other than a Suffolk cow due to the location’s relative isolation.

London, United Kingdom: Lovebox

Festival nirvana for those who live for the dayglo party scene

One of the most vibrant and exciting summer parties in London is Lovebox. Visit the main stage to see well-known DJs, MCs, and even the occasional band that defies categorization, or check out the smaller stages, which have been selected by the likes of Noisey, for the opportunity to learn about an exciting new up-and-coming artist. This festival is well-known for having some of the wildest afterparties in the industry.

Boomtown Winchester in the United Kingdom

Hedonists, hippies, ravers, and nomads will find paradise at this festival.

Boomtown is an entirely different universe, not just a festival that takes place there. Each year is a new chapter in an ongoing plot, and the entire festival is transformed into a lively, throbbing, and fucking mental city for the duration of the event. There are hidden passages, an employment center, hotels with beds and live ska bands, and a large number of performers behaving in strange ways across the location. Because everything and everyone is a part of the experience, it is truly impossible at times to determine what is real and what isn’t. This makes it the ideal illustration of true, childlike escapism. In addition, there are people of all ages who are prepared to immerse themselves in the hallucinogenic woodlands, cowboy raves in the Wild West, or the pleasure-seeking nuts of Downtown.

Oxfordshire, in the UK’s Wilderness Area

Festival paradise for: Those with an understanding of what a yurt is.

This is much more than a music festival; it features outdoor theater, talks and debates, horse riding, yurt-building, a lakeside spa, and even long-table banquets with leading chefs. Wilderness is an ever-magical Oxfordshire August getaway, and its music bills have gotten better and better over the years. Make your reservations as soon as possible because this event consistently has a waiting list.

Norfolk, UK

Heaven on earth for festivalgoers who adore the most cutting-edge, cutting-edge beats:

It is not difficult to see why this secluded festival in the woods has become one of the most talked-about new events in the United Kingdom. Everything that you hear at Houghton is sent over some of the best sound systems available, which were selected by Craig Richards, a long-standing resident of Fabric who is in charge of curating the event. Richards is responsible for handpicking an incredible cast of DJs, including some of the most well-known and respected names in house, techno, disco, and other genres of electronic music. In addition to the auditory arts, there is also visual art and sculpture to engage the viewer’s sense of sight.

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